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Purchasing Procedures


Antalya Properties /Real Estates helps the customers at every step during the property purchase process in Turkey, namely Antalya / Alanya regions. In response to some homebuyers' wariness we have sufficient resource for helping the customers in a competent and professional manner for carrying out all the legal procedures for  registering your property in Turkey whether it is  a villa, apartment or plot.


Payment Options

  • Antalya Properties offers a range of  purchase options that mostly depend on the property in question. For example the payment options for a finished property will for sure differ from that of a property at the planning stage. If you are interested in a particular property, or a vast range of properties offered by our company, we are able to provide a wide range of legal services and plans to suit the needs of most anyone. You are free to contact us to find out more details in terms of payment conditions, legislation etc.

Financial Advice

  • Antalya Properties /Real Estate teams up with independent financial advisors that you may contact with respect to the options available to you when purchasing property abroad. We do not receive any fee for the services rendered by these financial experts. Naturally you are free to discuss your financial options with an advisor of your choice. We are offering you the above-mentioned options as they are already familiar with our business and the relevant Law / Regulations applicable in Turkey.

Legal Requirements

  • The named purchaser and / or officially appointed representative are the only individuals who have the authority to sign the ownership and legal documents (TAPU). The named purchaser and / or assigned representative are obligated to attend personally to the appointed office in order to finalize and collect all the required purchase documents.
  • A copy of the buyer's valid current passport.
  • 2 colour passport photos.
  • If the property is being bought as a joint venture, copies of valid passports and passport photos are required for each individual involved.

Buying property

  • Buying property in Turkey is a good investment. Antalya Properties / RealEstates offer you the properties to suit any budget and needs of most anyone. Our staff is at your service to help you with all the formalities at every stage of the purchase process. We provide only the best and most qualified services to our customers based on honesty and trust. Buying a property in Turkey through our company is easy and without any risk. Our options give the homeowners some peace of mind and choice when purchasing the Turkey property.
  • Conveyance is executed in the Land Registry Office, which is the State Department. No other department, authority or person has the power to act and transfer on your name. The new owner of a property receives a “title deed” (Tapu) in Turkish. Tapu is the official document proving ownership of a property.
  • The conditions for real property acquisition by the citizens of foreign countries are set out by the Land Registry Act number 2644. The foreigners can buy properties within municipal boundaries. According to “The law of military forbidden zones”, the real estates in such areas can not be sold, transferred and rented. Foreigners wishing to buy property must apply to the Tapu Office to apply for permission from the military office. Such application may take a couple of months. A title deed is transferred upon receipt of military permission.

Extra Costs

Conveyance tax 4 %

  • The tax amount relates to the property value stated in the Tapu. Conveyance tax is a fixed tax rate, based on the value and location of the property and is paid at the Ziraat Bank. This amount is lower than the real estate value - between 300 and 5.000 EURO

General charges €41

Sworn interpreter €50

  • The presence of a sworn interpreter during the registration at the Land Registry Office is required by law. The translation is confirmed by the interpreter’s signature.

*Costs for the official Tapu approval by Izmir: €30

*Fee for certified translator at Notary Public: €50

*Registration fee at the ALANYA Tapu Office: €40

*Iskan, document for register the water and electricity on your name, depending on the town-location and property, amount between 700 and 1.000 euro

*3% real estate agency commission from the property selling price


  • New connection for the electricity meter: Approx. €100 (once only)
  • Registration of an existing connection on new owners’ name: Approx. €30 (once only)
  • Energy cost per kwh: Approx. €0,20


  • New connection for the water meter: Approx. €60
  • Registration of an existing connection on new owners’ name: Approx. €30
  • Water cost per m3: Approx. €0,8
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