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Turkish Mortgages (EU & USA Citizens) for Completed properties & Off–plan properties.


Basic Lending Terms for ALL products as follows:

- Loan to Value: up to 65% (of valuation)
- Interest rate: 0,58% (Euro)
0,65 % (GBP)

- Nationalities: Any country that has a reciprocal agreement with Turkey (eg: Australia, New Zealand, EU & US)

- Term: 5 to 20 years
- Minimum Loan: €30,000
- Maximum Loan: No Maximum
- Interest Type: Fixed
- Age of applicant: 25 to 70 years of age
- Maximum age at loan maturity: 70 years of age
- Early Repayment penalty: 2%


- DASK (natural disaster Insurance) - arranged by Lender.
- Property Insurance - arranged by Lender
- Off Plan mortgage*: Offered with full bank guarantee from Developer for total loan amount*
- Costs: - 1.5% lender commitment fee
- Valuation Fee approximately €300 (arranged by Lender)
- DASK insurance & Property Insurance


Advantages of ALL mortgage products:
- self employed & retirees accepted
- no geographical restrictions within mainland Turkey
- Full rental income is taken into account when banks assesses affordability for client
- Fees can be added to borrowings, without affecting the amount that can be borrowed by client.
- A completed property is defined as 75% from completion
- No requirement to become a Turkish resident
- Loan offer lasts for 4 months. Can be extended to 18months (an extra 1% commission will be required to process this request Mortgage

Product Types:

a) Completed Property Mortgages:

For properties that are completed, or are in the process of being completed (75% completed and up), the Lending terms above of this document are relevant.

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